About The Petroleum Platforms Trading Company

About Us

Our business experties Provide you the best services

We provide remarkable services because of our highest manufacturing standards, our partners training, and our globally approved products.

Research and Development

We have brought together an outstanding research and development team in order to come up with the best products.

Product Range

We have created a top quality comprehensive product range of motor oils, additives and car care products. In choosing one of our products for your car you will have one thing less to worry about.

Technical Support

Our certified technicians will help answering your questions during our on-site technical education sessions.

Our values are a major reason for providing the best services

The Petroleum Platforms Trading Company business principles, code of conduct and code of ethics help everyone in the company to act in line with these values and comply with all relevant legislation and regulations. Our core values are:

1. Strengthening dialogue and relationships with our clients

2. Security, safety and sustainability for our customers

3. Excellence, innovation and the promotion of excellence

4. Full commitment to develop our performance

5. Integrity in applying the highest legal and ethical standards at work

6. Have a spirit of humility in thought and practice

7. Always dedication to achieve outstanding results As a company operating in a challenging world, we set high standards for ethical performance and behavior.

We are judged by the way we act - our reputation is supported by how we adhere to our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people. Our seven Business Principles are based on these core values and indicate how we can foster trust, openness, teamwork, professionalism and pride in what we do.

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Our Message

Manufacture the best lubricants and use our resources to inspire and satisfy our customers Achieving our customers' needs to build long - term relationships with our customers and clients. Also, provide exceptional customer services through following up the business through innovation and advanced technology.

Our Vision

Participate in the quest to protect our customers and follow smarter ways to get our products to more places around the world

Our Mission

1. Providing solutions that support our national economy (Vision 2030)

2. To be one of the best and most trustworthy lubricant oils manufacturers in our Arab region

3. Lubricant oils industry symbolizes excellence and innovation

4. Harness our resources to implement our strategy and not hesitate to prioritize the trust of our customers

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